With only 250,000 tickets for sale, the $1,000,000 Idaho Lottery Raffle is the best odds of becoming a millionaire in Idaho. 2015 marked the ninth year the $1,000,000 Raffle had been in play. Ticket sales had been consistently slowing year over year, and 2014 brought a near miss for selling out before the draw on Christmas Eve. Heading into this year we knew if we wanted the game to remain successful, we'd need to renew players excitement and desire to play.

Strategic execution

  1. Keep the message as direct as possible. We reminded players that buying a raffle ticket is the best odds of becoming a millionaire in Idaho.
  2. Make every 25,000th ticket an instant $1,000 winner. By introducing this new type of game play, we increased excitement and urgency around the game. 2015 ticket sales were consistently gaining momentum throughout the campaign, beating tickets sales from the previous year. Even selling over 25,000 tickets in a 24 hour period, a record for the $1,000,000 Raffle.


At the close of the 2015 campaign, the Idaho Lottery Raffle had their best ROI in game history, spending $50,000 less in media than previous years, sale records were consistently beaten from any previous year and the winner of the $1,000,000 prize attributed the purchase of the winning ticket to the potential of automatically winning $1,000.


creative execution

We kept the message simple and direct and reinforced it across multiple medias including, outdoor, POS, social channels, programmatic banners, TV and email and text via the loyalty program members. We were also tasked with the creation of a new winner announcement video.

Best. Odds. Ever. 


Idaho Lottery Raffle Announcement Video


Social media became an especially powerful tool because of the excitement around the new $1,000 automatic winner promotion. We utilized Facebook to let players know when the ticket number was close to one of the 25,000th tickets, but more significantly was the amount of engagement from players sharing their near wins and ticket buying strategies. 



Nikson Mathews, Lead Art Director, Scott Steele, Copywriter, Alex Oyler, Animation, Ella Koonce, Designer, Sara Chase, Account Manager, Susan Becker, Brand Manager.