Create a unified and consistent brand that embraces the spirit of Pita Pit. They are a franchise run business that has gone through multiple rebrands over the years. 


It didn't take long to figure out that Pita Pit had a cult following. The people who love Pita Pit, really really love Pita Pit.

  1. You can truly be the master of your own pita destiny. The combinations are endless, ranging somewhere in the bajillions. (That's a thing, right?)
  2. Pita Pit has a maverick way of doing things. They make up crazy recipes, hand draw signs throughout the store and give you free stuff when you favorite anime character dies. 
  3. The food is delicious. You may think I'm biased, but I dream of the Buffalo Chicken almost daily.

Here's just a few examples of the mad love for Pita Pit. Click here if you want to see more. 


Visual Execution

Pita Pit was in need of a rebrand that represented their rebel spirt and the "Make It Your Thing" mindset. This extensive rebrand touches everything from store signage, packaging, campaigns and tone, utilizing a bright color palette, expressive typefaces, kick ass illustration and design tactics that encourage pita lovers to engage with the brand and showcase their own creativity.

Illustration for Pita Pit is done by the incredibly talented, meat loving Cale Cathey.

Illustration for Pita Pit is done by the incredibly talented, meat loving Cale Cathey.

Pita wraps are in production now. 

Pita wraps are in production now. 


The Holiday Campaign was the first time we introduced the new Pita Pit brand. The campaign was focused on gift card purchases and holiday party catering. 



As part of the first experience brand roll-out, we wanted to create a delightful experience for the person enjoying their meal. The idea was inspired by the many pita fans who take pita-selfies. Pita peeps love to take photos of their creations and post them on social media sharing their unique recipes. Why not encourage that behavior by repurposing a tool normally used to sell more products?


The focus of the Resolve Campaign was to create a positive atmosphere around the idea of resolutions. At Pita Pit, we celebrate diversity among pitas and people. Whatever type of pita fits your lifestyle and your resolution, we've got it. Looking for healthier choices? Try fork style. Want to bulk up? Just ask for double meat. Ready to be more adventurous? Oh, we've got adventure. Remember how we said there are a bajillion different combination possibilities? All we ask is that whatever you decide to do for the new year, resolve to do it.



Nikson Mathews, Lead Art Director / Designer; Malia Cramer, Brand Manager; Jennie Myers, Creative Director; John Drake, Brand Planning; Scott Steele & Sean Young, Copywriters; Cale Cathey, Illustrator; Mona Teffetteller, Account Director; Meghan Rae, Media Director